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Musashi "Go Rin No Sho" Book Of Five Rings Katana

Musashi "Go Rin No Sho" Book Of Five Rings Katana


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From the Musashi Silver series comes this tribute to one of history’s most famous swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. He is considered to be a “Kensei”, a sword-saint of Japan due to his undefeated record of 61 duels. The limited edition hand forged katana, aptly named after his book “Go Rin no Sho”, The Book of Five Rings, is themed after the book.

"The Book of Five Rings" written by the undefeated Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi is one of the most insightful readings on the subtle arts of confrontation, Kenjutsu and the martial arts in general. According to Musashi, the rings represent the five elements and the process of mastery over conflict that underlies each element. Each element is represented in kanji on the tsuba, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void.   

Intricately hand crafted, the “Go Rin no Sho” katana is hand forged using 1060 high carbon steel. The Sharp blade has gone through clay tempered process and features a real hamon. The polish on the blade is almost mirror like. You can clearly see your own reflections on the blade. The black battle wrap style handle is real ray skin in black cotton cord with a variation of the Kiku Gata style tsuba. The black wooden saya with buffalo horn blends in with its tsuba.

Included with this katana is a sword bag in a deluxe storage box. Each sword is individually numbered on the tang and comes with Certificate of Authenticity. It is a must-have for any serious collector, practitioner of the way of the samurai or a fan of Miyamoto Musashi.


  • 41 1/2" Hand Forged Sword
  • 1060 High Carbon Steel
  • Sharp Functional Blade
  • Full Tang
  • Real Style Hamon
  • Kiku Gata Style Tsuba
  • Razor Sharp
  • Sword bag
  • Deluxe Storage Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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